Lime Shandy July 11 2013


So are you looking for a quick and dandy summer cocktail? I was last night on my way into the market at 5 o'clock with guests arriving at six. Southwestern Posole was on the menu and I was not up for making much especially since I hadn't cleaned the house  yet. What libation can I serve? Quick call to my younger sister and inspiration was found – a Lime Shandy. Perfect.

Lime Shandy
1 Mexican Beer of your choice
1/4 c Limeade (not concentrate)
Lime Salt
Lime Sugar

Step 1 – Rim your glass. I poured Lime Latitudes Salt on half the plate and Lime Slice Sugar on the other. Circle the rim of glass with fresh lime and dip onto plate.

Step 2 – Pour 3/4 beer into pint glass top with limeade. Garnish with lime slice and enjoy. Refreshingly easy for a Wednesday supper with friends in the rare Pacific Northwest sunshine. If you are looking for a Friday night with friends inspired cocktail, see what Carey has done over at Reclaiming Provincial. Her creative twist on cocktails to cupcakes will spark a meal planned just around her ideas. The latest is a Smoky Cardamon - Coconut Cuba Libre. Wow.