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So are you looking for a quick and dandy summer cocktail? I was last night on my way into the market at 5 o’clock with guests arriving at six. Southwestern Posole was on the menu and I was not up for making much especially since I hadn’t cleaned the house  yet. What libation can I [...]

We are super excited for summer around here and this week’s weather has been perfect. So perfect we have concocted a refreshing libation to be enjoyed on a deck, by a pool or at the beach. Who are we fooling – you can enjoy Sailor Sangria anywhere. Although, I know it would taste even better [...]

Summer is almost here! All winter I’ve been collecting perfect deck and backyard cocktail recipes in anticipation. Fruity Watermelon Margaritas — from Martha Stewart Rasberry & Key Lime Margarita — from Toyko Terrace Pineapple Sangria — from Erin’s Food Files Cherry Margarita — from Sweet Life Apricot Margarita — from Babble Food Herbal Peach Lavender [...]

I was going to say something cute and nautical about how happy we are to be selling on, but I didn’t want to go overboard with salty phrases. Then I realized I just used overboard – oops, nautical phrases are always floating around here!

  So beyond my typical obsessions: tea, salt, chocolate and Instagram – I’ve been making this coconut chocolate chip cookie every weekend for kiddo lunches.Since one of my littles cannot have chocolate, her half of the batch has butterscotch chips. It’s the butterscotch version pictured above. Well, I can have chocolate so I decided to [...]

Looking for a new obsession? I’ve got one to share: jalapeno tequila. It’s super easy to make. Keep a batch in the fridge to keep you warm before summer hits! Jalapeno Tequila 3 cups silver tequila 2 sliced jalapenos Directions: Add tequila and sliced jalapenos to a large jar or pitcher. Keep covered and let [...]

Did you know coconut water, which is usually sterile, is quite similar to intracellular fluid and has been used as an emergency substitute for blood plasma? Coconut –water IVs were reportedly used by the British and Japanese during World War II and by Vietnamese soldiers on both sides. And we can’t think of another fruit [...]

Happy New Year! Looking for a quick idea to use your Jamaican Ginger Sugar? I whipped up some homemade granola (that part wasn’t quick-wink), topped it with greek yogurt and sprinkled with ginger sugar. Quick, easy and delicious.